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Art event



This is important. This is about you. 


Now. I want to give you the opportunity for you to meet yourself. My aim as an artist is for my art to be the mirror in which you can meet your inner voice. 


By inviting you to the wine cellar, I’m inviting you to take a pause from your everyday thoughts. I’m giving you the opportunity to let you experience what happens when you listen to yourself. For two hours you will enjoy tasteful wine and carefully selected music. Don’t worry about me. I will be painting. We will be in the same room, but I will be in my painting bubble, disconnected from any of your thoughts and reflections. We will listen to the same music. We will share the experience and still make the experience our own. 


Unique. Exclusive. Intimate. Valuable.

Those are the words previous wine cellar visitors have chosen to frame their experience. I’m wondering what words you will choose to frame yours? 

No tickets are available

at the moment

- Don't be sorry. Just send an email to hello@victoriawansander.com and let me know that you are interested in upcoming art events.




This was something I've never experienced before. An intsense and intimate experience drawing me into reflections about my life and my own creativity. Finally, I got time for the thoughts that
I don't have time for in my everyday life. 

- Visitor