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Victoria’s creative expression uncovers the challenges related to identity and life in the 21st century. The raw and naked art pieces all portray parts of the larger existential questions that we, as humans frequently come back to. Through the translation of our deepest fears, Victoria’s art might make some people uncomfortable but will undeniably make them engage in the conversation.


A contemporary collection by VMW.

2018-08-24 08-31 2.jpg


Have you ever felt that parts of your soul are fading? Parts of yourself that are slowly fading away from the one you once were. You are slowly crushed and reshaped into something new. Something living. Something that pours out love and compassion to its surrounding. This is how you evolve into being. This is how you become “new wine”.

80X60cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2018

2018-12-16 12-00.jpg


Dear, please open your eyes. Find out who you are behind all those layers of opinions of others. Dare to look yourself in the mirror. Who do you see when your soul is naked and beliefs and convictions have been stripped off?

Dear, please listen to your inner voice. What do you hear when you dare to let your truth speak as you stand in silence?

Dear, please find your strength in the realization of your uniqueness. Dare to use that strength that has been hiding in the power of your truth

100X80cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2018


You are on a journey among worlds. You will leave your past behind as you reach the other side. A place where it won’t hunt you anymore. You must be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. Dare to take a first step into the unknown. Dare to step into a life worth living.

73X60cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2017

"JOSHUA 1:9"

2018-08-29 13-46.jpg


The shadows of your past form chains in which circle you exist. Your souls longing of becoming your true self provoke the intimidate noise of chains. A pompous combat with your chains looms when the soul screams out for freedom. Will the sum of your chains win the price of your life? Or will the screech of your soul win, break the circle and lead you into becoming your true self?

80X60cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2018

IMG_2585 2.JPG


Invite your demons for a visit. As they slowly make their way from darkness into the light of your conscious. Instead of being afraid. Let them tell their story. Thus, they are your teachers. Can you hear their wisdom? Don’t hide away from your fears but rather, read the book of your fears like a lullaby.

50X61cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2017


"JOHN 14:27"

Act one. This is your stage. Do not be afraid of your potential. Wash away the dirt that covers your vision. Find peace in the uncertain. For it will be your arena of opportunity. Stand tall, embrace the faces of your audience as they watch you direct the story of your life. Don’t be limited by what your eyes can see. Trust your intuition. Thus it will award you with props among the play. The curtain closes, it’s the end of act one.

100X80cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2017

I'm interested


Does the echo of your being reflect your true self? If your soul speaks words no one fully understands – does it mean that parts of your soul are forever left to be hidden in the shadows of others’ limited understanding?


Find people who understand the language of your soul. Do not hide when you finally meet one who shares your language. Instead, let your soul be understood.

50X61cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2017

2018-08-30 10-00.JPEG


Out there, behold.
Observe yourself from a distance. What do you witness? 
Now, look closely.
What you let come into your sphere will shape the limits of growth.
Just breath.
Dare to stand and face the truth. Recognise how your actions separate you from others.
Be still.
Listen to your voice. Hear how your voice disconnects you from your surrounding. 
Trust yourself.
Let the unspoken words of your soul show you a direction. 
Walk, depart.
Step into the potential of your future.

50X61cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2017

2018-08-30 09-58.JPEG


Lead yourself. Trust your process and the power of your intuition. Walk through the shadows of doubt thus it will strengthen your belief in the eternal power of your soul. Let it guide you as you leave the comfort of familiarity to discover whom you were created to be. The fear is a construct made out of what is yet unknown in life. It is meant to be challenged. It is meant to be explored.

50X61cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2017

2018-08-30 09-59.JPEG


Do not let the whisperers in your surroundings misguide and lure you into an existence covered with fog and ambiguity. Accept the noise but do not let it edict your decisions. It is everything but directions. To see clearly is to make sense. 

50X61cm Acrylics

Made by Victoria Wånsander 2018

2018-05-19 10-51 page 3.JPG

"Proverbs 3:5-6"


IMG_0541 2.JPG

"Future whisper"



"Hidden thought"


IMG_0540 2.JPG







"Be still"

IMG_2327 kopia.jpg






Just like life, there is always something stunning waiting around the corner. VMWart continuously looks for new opportunities to create contemporary interpretations.


Art installation?

Paintings created for you?

Contemporary lyrics?

Keynote speech?

Commercial interior? 

Let's find out what the future holds

Amazing! While waiting for response. Do something you always dreamt of doing.

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VMWart is an expression of the constructed fears in our contemporary society.

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