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"Place the user insights on a piece of paper and put it on the toilet door"

A company wanted to get ahead of its competitors. How? Through a major shift into placing the customers at the centre of the strategy.

UX Leadership • UX Organisation • UX Research • Business strategy • Usability testing
• Agile Methods • Service Design • UI Design • Ways of working

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As interim UX lead at e-commerce platform Abicart, I

headed the company's UX-team, balancing day-to-day

operations with long-term strategic product development.

During my time at Abicart, I led the members of my team

through a major organizational transformation towards a

more design-driven operational approach.


Challenge 1:
Educate the UX Team

- I want to become better in UX research, said one of the team members.

One of my main goals during my time at Abicart was to make the UX team self-going. I supported them in becoming experts in all stages of the UX Process. 


Challenge 2:
Place the user in the centre of everything

- Why do we have an illustration of our user's needs on the toilet door? one colleague said.
- Because that's where everyone will see it, I replied.

Placing the user in the centre of the company is a difficult challenge. I worked with processes and got user insights shared across every department.

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